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Treatment Depends On The Cause

Prior to any treatment, it is very important that you undergo a thorough medical examination by your Otolaryngologist (ENT) to rule out an underlying medical condition. You will also need to have your hearing evaluated.

Many tinnitus patients are often told that they "just have to live with it" or worse, that "nothing can be done"

We want you to know that this is not the case. Your tinnitus can be addressed and your symptoms can be significantly improved.


Do you accept insurance? Yes. If you have never addressed your symptoms before, trying maskers and/or hearing aids may help. We can coordinate with your insurance company for these services. If you have already tried this approach and it isn't helping, you really need to consider a consultation with Dr. Rohe to take the next steps. Please understand that in our experience most insurance companies may cover only the hearing evaluation, and in some cases hearing instruments/tinnitus maskers. Insurance does not recognize and will not pay for the management services such as TRT, Desyncra, Neuromonics or our CBT program. While it is unfortunate that insurance does not cover a lot of services that help people, every patient has left our clinic extremely satisfied and found our services were well worth the cost.

Do hearing instruments/tinnitus maskers help. Yes, in some cases. Addressing your hearing loss may lessen the severity of your tinnitus and, in some cases, make it almost seem to go away. However, that is only true while you are wearing the hearing aids as they are temporarily masking the symptoms. There are hearing aids that are combination devices with tinnitus maskers built in.These can also help when hearing aids alone do not seem to help. Remember, these devices are only masking the symptoms and are not addressing the root cause of your distress. If hearing aids and maskers have not worked for you in the past you have come to the right place. 

My doctor told me there is nothing that can be done. Is that true? Just because there is no medical treatment, that does not mean that there is no help available. There are very effective solutions and treatments available to help reduce the symptoms and make your condition more manageable, particularly when you see a qualified, compassionate and experienced specialist.

What treatment options do you offer? The techniques and treatment options vary based upon your individual needs, symptoms, and lifestyle. People experience varying degress of distress, from mild to completely debilitating. Our treatment options include CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), TRT (tinnitus retraining therapy), HRT (hyperacusis retraining therapy), Desyncra, tinnitus maskers, and/or hearing aids that incorporate tinnitus support.

Do you offer financing/payment plans? Financing is offered through CareCredit and Wells Fargo.

Do you provide accomodation letters for my work/school? Our goal is to help you get better, to improve your quality of life and manage your symptoms. Dr. Rohe is a specialist in tinnitus, misophonia, and hyperacusis treatment. A letter like this needs to come from a primary care physician or ENT. Dr. Rohe is a doctor of audiology, not a medical doctor.

I've tried TRT and it doesn't work. TRT is likely to be ineffective when it is not delivered correctly. There are very specific protocols in TRT that must be adhered to in order for it to be successful. If no counseling was involved, and you are just wearing devices, this is not TRT.

I've tried CBT and it didn't help. Many health care professionals have been trained in CBT but not as it specifically relates to tinnitus. Dr. Rohe's training in CBT combined with his expertise in tinnitus is what makes his techniques so highly effective and unique. Dr. Rohe has selected very specific CBT techniques that are most effective in addressing your tinnitus symptoms. If you've tried CBT before, don't give up. You will actually benefit more from your previous CBT sessions as you work through his program.

I'm very interested in what you have to offer, how do I get started? Please call our office at 480-831-6159 to schedule an appointment. During this time we will review your history, listen to your concerns and make the proper treatment recommendations to help you regain control of your life.


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