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Curt T.

"I am so glad that I found Dr. Rohe. He has a truly unique and excellent program including CBT that will help you immensely. He is genuinely interested and cares deeply for his patients. Since he has experienced tinnitus himself, he has a keen awareness of how debilitating it can be to his patients and can help you better than a psychologist who may be just trained in CBT and not personally familiar with tinnitus. I have improved greatly through my sessions with Dr. Rohe, and hope that other people suffering from tinnitus will somehow find their way to him. He will give you the tools to get your life back again."

Greg Aguirre

"Dr. Rohe’s supportive, friendly, manner combined with his well-presented and organized training regimen, has absolutely made my life better. Dr. Rohe has given me the tools to comfortably resume a normal life that is not centered and shaped by my hearing discomfort."

Martin Uszynski

"I can tell you, from personal experience, that you cannot find a kinder, more understanding and more knowledgeable person than Dr. Rohe in treating tinnitus. I live in Texas but made the appointment to fly out and meet with Dr. Rohe in Arizona for an evaluation. He is an amazing person that cares and listens. He understands what you are going through as he has suffered from tinnitus as well. He is incredibly knowledgeable and will tailor treatment to your individual condition"

Dr. Stephen M. Nagler, M.D

"Dr. Rohe is a knowledgeable and experienced audiologist who understands tinnitus better than most anybody I know. He has developed a highly effective program that borrows from the principles of TRT and CBT. Best of all, after the first in-person visit for evaluation and such, all follow-up can be conducted by Skype, which can be extremely helpful for individuals who live at a distance. Additionally, Dr. Rohe is an incredibly nice fellow. You really have to make a concerted effort at not liking him! In short, I can recommend Dr. Allen Rohe unconditionally. - world-renown"

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