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Redux in Chandler, AZ

Cutting-Edge Device Maintenance

If you have the perfect hearing aids and are pleased with your hearing clarity, you don’t want to lose that! Maintaining your hearing aids is important. In addition to providing the most advanced hearing aid technology in the field, we also strive to provide advanced technology to maintain these devices. Our office is proud to offer Redux in Chandler, AZ! Redux functions as a hearing aid dryer to remove moisture and maintain your hearing devices, so you can protect your investment and continue hearing clearly.

Redux is proven effective in extending the life of hearing aids. Redux partners with hearing professionals to help you save money and keep your hearing aids working great.

Benefits of Moisture Removal 

Every hearing aid has some level of moisture that can negatively impact its functionality. The more moisture and bacteria build up inside the device, the shorter the lifespan, and the sooner you will have to replace it. Exercise, excessive sweating, and health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity all increase water damage risk. Drying your hearing aids is essential for proper device function, and Redux makes it easy!

How Redux Works

Redux uses vacuum drying and humidity level measurement for the safe evaporation of moisture in your hearing aids. The benefits of Redux include speed, safety, moisture measurement, and maximum dryness. Redux:

  • Combines vacuum drying with humidity level measurement to vaporize liquid at a low temperature that is safe for the device
  • Dries instruments in about 15 minutes
  • Applies endpoint drying technology for maximum moisture removal
  • Provides a real-time measure of moisture removed during the drying process and reports the total amount upon completion

The end result is a safe and effective way to dry your hearing aids dry and keep your hearing clear!

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Who Uses Redux?

Anyone who uses hearing aids can use Redux to extend the life of their instruments. If you exercise frequently, have excess sweat, or have any of the conditions that increase the risk of moisture damage to your hearing aids, consider trying Redux. You can stop by our office any time to use this innovative tool and extend the lifespan of your hearing devices!


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As the premier tinnitus and hearing center in Tempe, AZ, our team at Tinnitus & Hearing Center of Arizona also provides 5-star-rated hearing care to patients from Scottsdale, AZ, Tempe, AZ, Chandler, AZ Gilbert, AZ,  Mesa, AZ, Paradise Valley, AZ, Phoenix AZ, and surrounding areas.

Your Top-Rated & New Favorite Audiologists in Tempe, AZ

"My experience in 10 + years is nothing less than excellent. Allen and Amy are very knowledgeable in diagnosing your hearing needs and fitting with the right quality product for it. They always answer all your questions."

- Nancy M.

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"Friendly and courteous staff, they didn't waste time with things I already had done and had everything set up ready for me. The place isn't hard to find and the office is clean and everyone was very efficient. Definitely recommend!"

- Jennifer K.

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"Dr. Rohe and staff are very caring and professional. I have been a patient of Dr Rohe for 3 years and have nothing but praise for for his help with my tinnitus and hearing problems. I highly recommend him."

- Christina M.

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"The Doctor spent 2 hours with me and I feel better and hear better already! I have never been treated so well by any doctors. He is very knowledgeable and puts his training to work and the results are amazing!"

- James M.

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*The reviews listed are from actual patients of Tinnitus & Hearing Center of Arizona. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.

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