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Happy Tinnitus Patient Treats Dr. Rohe to a Flight

Happy Tinnitus Patient Treats Dr. Rohe to a Flight in a Vintage Plane

Our patient, Lt. Colonel Ralph “Slick” Aguirre, USAF (Retired) started his career in aviation flying Huey helicopters in Vietnam at the age of eighteen. He went on to fly F-15 fighter jets in the US Air Force. From there he transitioned into a civilian career in aviation flying for Southwest Airlines. The years he spent in aviation started to seriously affect his ears. The situation reached the point where he grounded himself from flying any longer, for fear it was no longer possible without causing further damage to his ears. Slick arrived at our clinic looking for any possible help. We’re happy to report that we have Slick flying again and he couldn’t be happier.  Slick graciously offered Dr. Rohe the opportunity of a lifetime to fly in this plane as a way of saying thanks for treating his tinnitus and keeping him up in the air. He recently told Dr. Rohe that all the time he spent flying was the equivalent of three full years in the air. That is quite an accomplishment.

The plane pictured below is a Pilatu PC-7, a turboprop with 750hp. If you are a pilot or a frequent flier that suffers from tinnitus, know that with the right guidance, you can absolutely keep flying! Thank you Slick.

pilatu pc-7 1
pilatu pc-7 2
pilatu pc-7 3
pilatu pc-7 4
pilatu pc-7 5
pilatu pc-7 6
pilatu pc-7 7
pilatu pc-7 8
pilatu pc-7 9
pilatu pc-7 10
pilatu pc-7 11
pilatu pc-7 12
pilatu pc-7 13

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