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How Hearing Loss Can Impact Your Mental Well Being

How Hearing Loss Affects Mental Well Being

Tinnitus and Hearing Center of Arizona Explains How Hearing Loss Has An Impact On Your Overall Health

hearing loss affects mental healthIf you have hearing loss, and you’ve left it untreated, then it might be doing something to your overall mental health. It may even increase your need for medical care. The Scottsdale hearing aids center wants to make sure that everyone gets the hearing loss help they need.

Understanding Hearing LossIn a study that was published in the Journal of Public Health, using a survey that was conducted in the UK, it was shown that the relationship between hearing loss and health services, or overall well-being is important.  The study showed the evidence that is recently becoming available on the relationship between hearing impairment in individuals and a range of health-related outcomes dealing with depression, cognition and other aspects of mental health. Another thing the study looked into was whether or not those that have hearing loss sought out help more than those that did not suffer from any sort of hearing loss abilities.

Hearing Loss and Overall Health
While the study wasn’t able to determine that hearing loss increased the overall need for medical care, it did find other interesting facts linked to hearing loss that many of us may not have known.

Hearing loss was found to be linked to numerous health conditions and problems such as mobility, cognition, independence and memory. All of these issues can increase the need for further medical attention. Those that had hearing aids to correct the hearing loss issue were less known to have any health issues or problems relating to these areas.

Hearing loss currently affects around 16 percent of people throughout the United States, 19 percent in Canada and 17 percent in Britain. These are all percentages of adults that are suffering from hearing loss in these areas and not those born with hearing loss or are children living in the countries with the condition.

Hearing Aids Help with Cognitive Issues
It was found that over two-weeks, those that had hearing loss but were not having it treated, over 1,400 of them out of 8,000 were calling into the doctors for issues. Many of the cognitive issues that they called for or mental illness help they needed is most likely due to the fatigue and isolation issues they are having by not being able to properly communicate with others around them. It was found that if these individuals wore hearing aids, it would help address the issues that they are having.

While the study is not conclusive, it does help lead the way to understanding more about hearing loss and overall health. It is shown that those that do suffer from hearing loss should consider a hearing aid.

Finding a quality hearing aid company can help boost your overall health and well-being. Not only that, but it can ensure that you seek out less help when you have the properly fitting and working hearing aid that reduces the need for this sort of help. Your overall health should always come first when considering whether or not your hearing loss is affecting any part of your overall health.

The information provided in this article is not meant to be medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about this and other hearing-related topics, feel free to contact Tinnitus & Hearing Center of Arizona by clicking here or by calling 480-831-6159.